Company Overview

Blue Cow Ice Cream Co. is an artisan ice cream company committed to making exceptional ice cream, with a focus on using quality, real ingredients locally sourced as much as possible. We spin our ice cream fresh daily and nearly everything going into the ice cream is hand made in our Roanoke, Virginia production kitchen. It’s this care and attention to quality and techniques used that makes our flavors craft. We know it’s more involved to juice mounds of lemons and steep our cream in the peels for our Lemon Poppyseed or to wash and strain pounds of fresh berries for our goat cheese with blueberry swirl. But the difference in taste as opposed to using manufactured extracts is evident in the end product.

The culinary team lead by Jason Kiser, who learned the art and science of ice cream manufacturing at Penn State University, has put more than 75 flavors in production, including non-dairy and vegan offerings. The menu appeals to both ice cream traditionalists as well as culinary enthusiasts with a steady lineup of our take on some of the classics available year around, as well as more inventive and culinary-driven flavors rotating based upon market availability and seasonality.

The ice cream is available in our two Virginia scoop shops and in both communities, we’ve sought out partnerships and collaborations that showcase some of the things that make each place special. Our local collaborations are a big part of our brand and what makes our flavors and our shops truly unique.

And for the owners, Jason and Carolyn Kiser, it’s about more than just creating great ice cream – it’s about the community and the customer experience. Beyond our flavors, Blue Cow is meant to provide an enjoyable environment for gathering and celebrating everyday moments over a hand-crafted scoop of ice cream.

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